Vol 12, Issue 4, September 2021

Vol 12, Issue 4, September 2021

The September 2021 issue of Global Policy includes research articles on, among others, global poverty commitments, liberal states' responses to COVID-19, UN peace operations and Chinese investment in Africa. There is also a special section entitled 'India-China Conflict and BRICS: Business as Usual?' edited by Raj Verma and Mihaela Papa and Policy Insights on the Quad, Taiwan’s response to COVID-19 and space debris. The issue concludes with a practitioner commentary on diplomacy's decline and adaptations during the pandemic.

Research Articles

The End of Global Poverty: Is the UN Sustainable Development Goal 1 (Still) Achievable? - Christopher Hoy and Andy Sumner

The International Authority Database - Michael Zürn, Alexandros Tokhi and Martin Binder

COVID-19 and Policy Responses by International Organizations: Crisis of Liberal International Order or Window of Opportunity? - Maria Josepha Debre and Hylke Dijkstra

The End of the Liberal World Order and the Future of UN Peace Operations: Lessons Learned - Katelyn Cassin and Benjamin Zyla

Making It Rain? Comparing the Determinants of Chinese and Western FDI Flows to Africa - David Landry

Equality and Equity in Emerging Multilateral Financial Institutions: The Case of the BRICS Institutions - Hang Luo and Lize Yang

Special Section India-China Conflict and BRICS: Business as Usual? edited by Raj Verma and Mihaela Papa

BRICS amidst India-China Rivalry - Raj Verma and Mihaela Papa

Age of Multilateralism: Why is BRICS Important despite Possible Weaknesses? A Perspective from Russia - Victoria V. Panova

In Spite of the Spite: An Indian View of China and India in BRICS - Sreeram Chaulia

A Chinese Perspective: Will China-India Friction Paralyze the BRICS? - Haibin Niu and Sheng Hong

Fit for Purpose? BRICS and Inner-Group Conflicts - Malte Brosig

Brazil and BRICS Multilateralism à la Carte: From Bilateralism to Community Interest - Karin Costa Vazquez

Scenarios for BRICS Evolution in Light of the India–China Conflict - Mihaela Papa and Raj Verma

Policy Insights

The Balance of Infrastructure in the Indo-Pacific: BRI, Institutional Balancing, and Quad’s Policy Choices - Kai He

A Comprehensive Measure of Lifeyears Lost due to COVID-19 in 2020: A Comparison across Countries and with Past Disasters - Vu Nguyen Doan and Ilan Noy

Crafting Compliance Regime under COVID-19: Using Taiwan's Quarantine Policy as a Case Study - Wei-Ting Yen and Li-Yin Liu

Astro-Environmentalism: Towards a Polycentric Governance of Space Debris - Jean-Frédéric Morin and Benjamin Richard

Practitioner Commentary

COVID, Deglobalization and The Decline of Diplomacy: Could Tele-diplomacy Revitalize Diplomacy’s Capacity to Promote Consensus? - Juan-Luis Manfredi-Sánchez and Paul Webster Hare

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