Global Land Forum

Global Land Forum

Global Land Forum 2018


"Every two-three years, the International Land Coalition (ILC) organises the Global Land Forum (GLF). This unique event brings together ILC members and other stakeholders from grassroots organisations, activists, local and international NGOs, and researchers, to multilateral organisations and government agencies from around the world to advance understanding of the complex and dynamic political, economic, environmental and social linkages between land governance, food security, poverty and democracy. Addressing the theme "United for Land Rights, Peace and Justice", this year's GLF will take place from 22 until 27 September 2018 in Bandung, Indonesia. 

A team of GLI policy analysts will attend GLF, consisting of eight students (four undergraduate and four Master’s students) from the departments of Architecture, Geography, Law, Politics, and Urban Studies and Planning in the University of Sheffield’s Faculty of Social Sciences. The team comprises Jessica Burrows, Anwesha Chakraborty, Rebecca Claydon, Anna Fish, Bastian Harth, Calvin Kumala, Zuzana Majcova and Robyn Stewart. They will be joined by Dr Charis Enns from the Department of Geography and Dr Philipp Horn from the Department of Urban Studies."


Summit Blogs

Actions Speak Louder than Words: Towards People-Centred Agrarian Reform Agendas in Indonesia - Jessica Burrows, Anwesha Chakraborty, Anna Fish and Philipp Horn

“There can be No Peace Without Justice in Land Rights” - Zuzana Majcova, Calvin Kumala, Rebecca Claydon and Charis Enns

Where were the Youth at the 2018 Global Land Forum? - Jessica Burrows

Defending the Defenders: What Needs to be Done? - Calvin Kumala

Land Rights and the SDGs: Is Progress on the Ground all it seems to be in the Political Arena? - Zuzana Majcova



Policy Briefs

Assessing the Role of the Global Land Form in Securing the Land Rights of Isolated Tribes - Anna Fish

Indigenous Peoples and Conservation: The Future of Protected Areas on Community Lands - Zuzana Majcova

Bridging the Gap: The Realisation of Gender Equality through Land Rights in African Post-Conflict Society - Jessica Burrows

The Importance of Women’s Rights and Securing Land Tenure in the Context of Climate Change - Rebecca Claydon

The Ignorance of Water Grabbing – Why Water should matter more than Land - Bastian Harth

Grab Indonesia by the land: The rapid expansion of Palm Oil in Indonesia - Calvin Kumala

The “Greenwashing” of Land Grabs - Robyn Stewart