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Samir Saran

Observer Research Foundation
Senior Fellow and Vice President
Observer Research Foundation
Senior Fellow and Vice President


Samir Saran is Senior Fellow and Vice President at the Observer Research Foundation, India. He has had a rich and diverse experience in the Indian private sector and was actively engaged with regulators and policy makers during the 1990s as India undertook economic reforms.

He has published widely in reputed journals in India and abroad on issues of interest including Climate Change, BRICS, Non-Traditional Security, Radicalism, Development Policy, Global Governance and Cyber Security. He also authors regular columns in newspapers such as the Global Times, Times of India, the Hindu, the Indian Express and Mail Today.

His latest published work includes, “Attitudes to Water in South Asia”, a joint ORF-Chatham House Report; “A Long Term Vision for BRICS”, a comprehensive vision document submitted to the BRICS Think Tanks Council, and “Privacy, Property and Sovereignty in the Cyber Age.”