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Sanmit Ahuja

Sanmit Ahuja
Oval Observer Foundation
Vice Chairman
Vice Chairman
Oval Observer Foundation


Sanmit Ahuja is a founding member of the Oval Observer Foundation. He is a big proponent and champion of Sustainable Development. Sanmit has worked on issues relating to sustainability extensively, both as an innovator and an entrepreneur. He firmly believes that there is a dire need to ascertain clever ways of harnessing and preserving our planet’s resources, while maintaining their economic viability. Sanmit has an experience of over 20 years in developing cutting edge tools, high impact projects, business models and frameworks to deliver sustainability across numerous sectors including: water, energy, transport, smart cities, environment, manufacturing, green manufacturing, ICT and food & agriculture. He remains deeply passionate about addressing the biggest environmental challenges through multi-disciplinary approach and innovation. Sanmit’s core skills include: Sustainable Development; Infrastructure, Clean-tech, Innovative Investment and Economic Models, Developing Progressive Policy Frameworks, PPP/PFI models, Project Finance, Venture Capital and Private Equity. He is also interested in analyzing the effect of globalization in the context of the rapid growth in emerging markets and its potential for economic development. Sanmit holds an Engineering Degree in Electronics from the University of Pune and an MBA from London Business School.